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Your Vision | Mac Hammond | January 15, 2023

This past weekend, Pastor Hammond taught on a subject that should interest every believer: setting your own personal vision. He talked about how to set vision as an individual and then how to set a vision for your family.

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Revelation Revealed #12 | Pastor Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim first gave a review of what he taught in last week’s message which was the first four riders in Revelation chapter six. These riders have become known as the “four horses of the apocalypse.” The rider on the white horse being the figure of Antichrist coming forth. The rider on the red horse had the power to take peace from the earth. The rider on the black horse brought worldwide famine. The fourth rider on the pale horse comes forth and the rider is death and hell followed after him.

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Revelation Revealed #11: Revelation chapter 6 | Pastor Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim focused on the first few verses of Revelation chapter 6. These verses tell of the beginning of the first seal judgments. He provided context for what the world could look like in this day, and more than anything, how reading of these judgments should make us more and more active in bringing other people into a relationship with Jesus.

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The Road to Bethlehem | Pastor Mac Hammond

Mary was expectant with the Son of God physically, but she also was a representation of how we can become expectant with the seed of God’s Word and bring forth God’s promises into this world.

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