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Revelation Revealed: Chapter 19 – 28 Jim Hammond

Family of God, we are not to lose sight of what Jesus revealed to us in the book of Revelation. This past weekend, Pastor Jim gave his 19th installment in his series entitled, “Revelation Revealed.” He reminded us that the first chapter and first verse of Revelation starts out by saying it is a revelation of Jesus Christ; there are things revealed in Revelation that are not revealed in the Gospels. The book was written to us, His bond servants, those people that Jesus bought and paid for by being judged for us! It is to us that Jesus revealed the divine mysteries that are in this book. We were instructed to keep these mysteries in our hearts and not to lose sight of them!

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Revelation Revealed, Chapter 18 | Jim Hammond

As life ebbs and flows through the days, weeks, and months, it’s easy to get lost in the information, the routine, and the schedules. We can forget that we are only on earth for a short time period; as the Bible tells us, we are here for about an eyeblink in the grand scheme of things. That’s why these messages on the book of Revelation from Pastor Jim Hammond are so important. They keep you rapture-minded! It is good to live aware of all that is to come and to avoid compromise within our faith.

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Wisdom for Living, #5: Focus | Mac Hammond

Where do you have your focus! It matters because in order for wisdom to operate in your life, your focus has to be, first of all, on the Word of God! Focus was the topic of Pastor Mac’s fifth installment in his “Wisdom for Living” series. Where we place our focus is important because our enemy will cause us to experience all manner of negative things in order to break our focus on the Word of God. If we focus on truth, we will prevail in life.

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Revelation Revealed, #25: Rev. 16 | Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim gave his 25th teaching in his series entitled, “Revelation Revealed.” He finished up his teaching on Revelation chapter 16, where he talked about the last two bowl judgments. At this point in the 7-year tribulation, the world knows that these judgments are coming from God, yet humanity stubbornly refuses to repent and continues to blaspheme God.

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Father’s Day | Jim Hammond

This past Father’s Day weekend, Pastor Jim gave a special message entitled, “Father’s Day.” Using the biblical dads of the Bible, he delivered a powerful message on the importance of and the impact fathers have on their families. Drawing from the experience of biblical fathers such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and King David, we can learn from their successes and mistakes on how to be a successful father.

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Revelation Revealed: Chapter 16 | Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim gave his 24th teaching in his series entitled, “Revelation Revealed.” In this installment, he went over the first 11 verses of this 21-verse chapter. He described this chapter as being the most intense, as it describes what happens to the inhabitants of earth when the seven bowl judgments are poured out onto the kingdom of man. The bowl judgments will be a terrifying experience for those who missed the rapture. For that reason, Pastor Jim emphatically stated the importance of having knowledge of end time events in order to keep people from experiencing the tribulation!

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Revelation Revealed: Chapter 15 | Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim taught the 23rd installment of his series entitled, “Revelation Revealed.” His text was the 15th chapter of Revelation, which tells us what happens before the seven bowl judgments are poured out onto the earth. He said, “When you look at what is happening in the world right now, it’s obvious that the rapture is near!”

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Perfect Peace | Russ Kalenberg

Guest minister Russ Kalenberg preached a message entitled, “Perfect Peace.” He introduced his message by sharing a declaration he made that changed his life. He said, “On December 22, 2022, I was driving home, thinking how in just a few days, it would be Christmas. And I was thinking about Jesus, how He brought ‘peace on earth and good will toward men.’ At that moment, I declared, “I will live in the peace of God for the rest of my life, like never before.” He said, “Our life follows our words.” He then shared with us what he has learned about peace since making that declaration.

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The Gift of No Condemnation | Jim Hammond

Pastor Jim taught on “The Gift of No Condemnation.” The Bible often compares people to trees saying that, like trees, people need to be pruned or trimmed. But Pastor Jim pointed out that when a tree’s leaves become withered, you don’t treat the tree… you treat the roots of the tree. And so it is with people: we too must deal with the root of the problem. The Mayo Clinic says that 80% of all diseases come from stress. Taking us all the way back to the Garden of Eden, Pastor Jim explored the biblical origins (or the root) of stress by looking at Adam and Eve.

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