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We Shall Reap, Part #3 | Keith Moore

What a weekend we had with guest minister Keith Moore! It was a blessing as we listened to his various messages on reaping and harvesting what God has prepared for us. This was a weekend where you may want to listen to ALL three messages to get the full picture of what Keith was sharing. When you sow into God’s kingdom, you are planting financial seed into the ground. It is your job, however, to expect and reap a harvest! God has given you the ability to do so. In fact, your harvest is often waiting, and too many Christians don’t realize that they are supposed to actively get it by faith!

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For His Kingdom Part 2 | Pastor Mac Hammond

Set a vision for where you want your life to go! It matters. It will take time and resources to accomplish your vision, so work hard and then wait patiently for it to come together. As you wait, expect that the vision God has given you will be accomplished. Keep your expectation connected to the vision and plan God has given you.

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Love in Context #5: Lifestyle Evangelism | Pastor Mac Hammond

Before Jesus left this earth, He had specific instructions for His disciples to be His witnesses “both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8). This is a clear strategy for how we can bring Jesus from our house to the world. Affecting the world for Jesus starts with those close to us: our family and community. From there, it goes to our state, our nation, and the world.

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The Spirit of Faith Special Guest Mark Hankins

Centuries ago, when David first saw Goliath, he didn’t shrink in fear. He spoke. He proclaimed what he believed—and if he did have any qualms about taking down Goliath, he used his words to eliminate his fear. He spoke faith—and we can do the same as he did!

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Love in Context: God’s Love For You

What does love look like? Well, we know that love will be shown as we pursue peace and follow holiness. We know that love is not characterized by bitterness, but by forgiveness. We know that love is not offensive. Most importantly, though, we know what love looks like by looking at God’s love for us.

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Love in Context: Offense Free

We live in a time where we can’t simply live on cruise control. We need to focus our attention outward, tune into the Spirit of God, and learn how to live daily by the law of love.

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