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Dealing with Loss

Dealing With Loss | Pastor Mac Hammond| August 7, 2022 Recap:One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in life is loss. Whether it’s the loss of someone you love, the loss of financial stability, or the loss of a dream, loss can change your theology and...

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Guest Minister Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack | July 30, 2022 at 5 p.m.   In his message on Saturday evening, Andrew talked about God’s system of seed time and harvest and how we must learn to cooperate with it. There are laws that govern natural seed time and harvest: you have to know when it’s...

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Revelation Revealed 4: Letter to the Church of Pergamos

Pastor Jim Hammond | July 24, 2022   Recap:This weekend, Pastor Jim taught on the letter to the church at Pergamos, which is found in Revelation chapter 2. Pergamos was considered a great religious center, but not for worshipping God. It was an epicenter for idolatry...

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Revelation Revealed | Letter to the Church of Smyrna

Pastor Jim Hammond | July 17, 2022 Recap:We’re right in the middle of the seven letters of Revelation written to seven different churches. These letters are important to understand for they lay the groundwork for things we need to be aware of as a church today. The...

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Revelation Chapter 2 | Letter to the Church of Ephesus

Pastor Jim Hammond | July 10, 2022 Recap:The next two chapters of Revelation (chapter 2–3) are seven letters written to seven churches. Pastor Jim is going to teach on each letter, one at a time. This weekend, he taught from the first letter, the letter to the church...

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Revelation Revealed

Pastor Jim Hammond | July 3, 2022 Recap:In the future, God has much in store for His children. He also has much in store for those who don’t follow Him. His justice and His wrath will be poured out on those who reject His name. That’s just a glimpse of what the book...

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Dealing with Lack

Pastor Mac Hammond | June 26, 2022 Recap:Pastor Mac came back early from vacation to remind us that lack doesn’t need to defeat us. Lack is an attempt of the enemy to get us to give up our faith, but we don’t need to let that pull us away from our belief in God’s...

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Last Days on Fallen Earth #19 

Pastor Jim Hammond | June 19, 2022 Recap:This past weekend, Pastor Jim brought us through the final verses in the book of Daniel. Scholars say this final section in Daniel is one of the most detailed prophecies in the Bible. There is detail after detail about the...

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Last Days on Fallen Earth #18: Explaining Revelation 

Pastor Jim Hammond | June 12, 2022 Recap:What in the world is happening right now—and what will happen in the end times to come? Pastor Jim has been addressing these questions in his current teaching series, and this past weekend, Pastor Jim shared two different...

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