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A House of Prayer

“My house shall be called a house of prayer.” – Matthew 21:13

Prayer is what connects us with God. In fact, cultivating a vibrant and consistent prayer life is essential to not only following God’s plan, but experiencing everything good that He’s prepared for you! Prayer is always the first step towards a peaceful, blessed, and thriving life!

What else describes prayer? It is:

-Talking to God who knows everything about you and is passionately concerned about you.
-Sharing with God both worries and wonders on your mind
-Asking questions about the big and small things in life.
-Sharing your life with the almighty God who is jealous for you and wants to lift the burdens from your shoulders and share life with you.

A strong personal prayer life welcomes the presence of God into your daily experience and sets you up to succeed in every area of life.

At Living Word, our desire is not only to pray with you, but to offer a variety of opportunities for you to pray with others in prayer groups, learn together in classes, and attend other prayer events.

Lynne Hammond

Senior Pastor

Ray Kelly


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