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Why virtual prayer?

Our vision is to bring people together through the use of technology to answer God’s call to pray in our generation. Our desire is to mobilize a community from around the world to intercede for spiritual awakening and to see God’s glory fill the earth in these last days! We want to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord, be encouraged with inspirational resources, and connect with God’s specific prayer assignments for your life. You can simply join The Prayer Movement, search for and pray with a current prayer group or even start your own group!

Steps to start an online prayer group

Register your group

Wherever you are in the world, you can register your group online HERE and we’ll follow up with an email confirmation that you’re a part of our online prayer community.

Gather a group

This could be people from your church, workplace, family, friends, fellow students, etc. Share with them why and when you want to pray and ask them to consider joining you for prayer. Remember, you’ll be praying online rather than in a physical location. This means you can pray with people who aren’t in your local area or time zone if you feel led to do so.

Identify and share your digital space

Take a few moments to identify your digital space or how you will connect as a group. It could be as simple as a phone call or any of the following platforms below. Once you’ve determined how you will meet online, communicate with your group the details of where, when, and how often you will gather virtually to pray. For your convenience, we’ve included links for each of the following platforms to download the app and learn more about how to use them.

1.) Zoom + Facebook Group (zoom to get together and Facebook to organize the sessions)

How to Use Zoom :

How To Use Facebook Groups:

2.) WhatsApp

How To Use Whatsapp:

3.) Discord ( I Can Personally Help with this medium if need be )

How To Use Discord:

4.) Microsoft Teams

How To Use Microsoft teams:

5.) Google Chats / Google Hangouts / Google Meet

6.) Slack–your-quick-start-guide


Prayer Teaching & Resources

Check out these recommended resources to grow your faith and learn how to pray more effectively!

Pastor Lynne’s Daughters For Zion Handbook

Get this free prayer resource and learn how to pray specifically for Israel. For more information on Daughter’s For Zion, CLICK HERE.

Share your testimony!

We’d love to hear what God has been doing in your life! Take a moment to share with us a testimony or a little bit of your life’s story.

Prayer Request

Facing life’s challenges can feel lonely. But don’t believe the lie that you are all alone in the world. We’re here for you, and we’d love the opportunity to pray with you.