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Helping to Build Strong Marriages

We’re here to help build strong, healthy marriages that grow and flourish according to God’s design! Our couples ministry is a place where you’ll find encouragement and practical insight that will provide a foundation for realizing God’s highest purpose and blessing for every marriage. You’ll enjoy real-life teaching that is fun, practical, and from the heart. Our couples small groups are a place to engage in life-giving conversations, experience the power of community, and a great way to make new friends and build life-long connections.

LW Marriage

Married? Not easy, is it?
Even good marriages have challenges. How can we learn how to be married and have fun doing it? Welcome to LW Marriage.
Relatable couples, real-life teaching, and a place to talk about what matters most to your marriage—that’s what you’ll find at LW Marriage.
We’re done at 8:30 p.m., so you’ll still have time for a date night or go out with other couples—or get the kids home early. Childcare is available. Can’t make it this time? Catch up with the latest LW Marriage teachings here!
Jeff & Kay Kruse


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