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Life Events

We are here to support and help you overcome any challenges you face, whether it is in your faith journey or planning an important life event.

Funerals and Memorials

We’re here to come alongside Living Word members whose loved one has passed away. All funeral and memorial services are officiated by a Living Word Church pastor and are held at our main campus chapel.

Note: We do not rent out our facilities to outside groups.

Email to start planning a service time.


Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! We hope this season of life will be a rich experience as you prepare to join together, in a Christian marriage. If you’re a regular attendee or member of Living Word, we’d love to help you prepare and plan for your wedding. All Wedding ceremonies are officiated by a Living Word Church pastor and are held at our main campus chapel. We ask that all couples who get married at Living Word complete the following:

  • Complete Pre-Marriage Classes and counseling sessions with officiating pastor through Living Word.
  • Become members or regular attendees of Living Word Church.
  • Complete our seven-step process of:
    • Fill out a wedding application
    • Schedule a meeting with the Care and Counseling Administrator
    • Complete Pre-Marriage Classes
    • Complete couple sessions with the officiating pastor

Email if you’re ready to get started in planning your big day with Living Word. Or filling out a wedding application here: 


Baptism is an essential part of a Christian’s identification with Jesus Christ. It’s an outward sign of an inward commitment. If you’re ready to take the next step in your faith by letting others know about your relationship with Jesus, now is the time!

To register for our next baptism celebration! Email

Child Dedications

CONGRATULATIONS! Living Word offers dedications for infants and young children, on a quarterly basis. These are special moments as parents make commitments and receive encouragement from our congregation. To register for our next Child Dedication, email

Support Groups

We are dedicated to helping those experiencing hurt and addressing the wide variety of needs in our local congregation.


The effects of divorce can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. That’s why our DivorceCare group is specifically equipped to help those that need guidance, navigate through a divorce. To register for our next DivorceCare group as well as meet other men and women who are facing the same challenges, click the buttons below to learn more!

REGISTER or email us at


GriefShare is a weekly group, centered around helping you through challenges and moving toward rebuilding your life. Whether you have lost a spouse, child, family member, or a friend, we want to be here for you. Walking through grief can be confusing when you feel isolated and have questions about things you may have never faced before. Each week, you’ll learn strategies for navigating your grief journey while connecting with others encountering a similar season in life.

Our goal is to provide comfort, understanding, and healing in a safe environment for you to discuss what you’re facing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We pray you to feel encouraged with the hope only Jesus can provide.

Each session has three elements:
• Video Seminar with Experts
• Support Group Discussion with Focus
• Personal Study and Reflection

Join us, as we offer you and our members care and support.
To register for our next GriefShare group, click the buttons below to learn more!

REGISTER NOW or email us at

Care Services 

We are committed to walking alongside you, no matter what trials you encounter in life.  We believe that you don’t have to go through a problem alone.

Car Care

Learn more about our committed group of volunteers who provide minor and general maintenance and car repair services for single parents, seniors, veterans, or individuals who find themselves in financial need in our congregation.

If that’s you and you could use a little help with your transportation, then fill our Car Care request form

NOTE: Fill out this by the 5th of the month and you’ll be contacted to get on our schedule.

To register for Car Care Support, click the buttons below to learn more!

Benevolence Services

What is Benevolence:
Benevolence is to assist regular attenders/members and others in the community when possible, during times of emergency or financial crisis. Situations of need can — and often do — arise unexpectedly.

Criteria: (Applicant(s) must meet.)
The priority of how funds are distributed is for regular attenders/members who have demonstrated to be committed to LW as their home church.

Guidelines: (During COVID-19 LW is only helping with food)
1.     Benevolence will be one-time assistance only
a. Two-year rule
2.     Benevolence to cover only the following areas (or determined by a Pastor):
a.     Basic utilities such as water, electric, heat, etc.…
b.     Food needs to be referred C.E.A.P

3.     Items Not covered (this is not a comprehensive list):
a.     Rent or mortgage payments
b.     Cable, internet
c.      Car payment
d.     Automobile insurance
e.     Telephone or cell phone
f.       And all other items not considered an “essential need” as determined by a Pastor.

If the request meets outlined criteria above, the applicant will be asked to fill out a Benevolence Application to collect relevant info. Applicant must include a copy of the past-due bill(s) for the application to be reviewed and/or accepted. Once reviewed applicant will be contacted by a member of Living Word’s Care & Counseling staff for the next steps. 


Christian Counseling

The storms of life can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face these storms alone. For a Christian counseling referral, email

Find out more about what kind of care and counseling through our pastoral team and call us at 763-315-7000 for more information.

Homebound Ministry

Caring volunteers will visit those who are homebound on a regular basis to pray with them, share communion and give updates on what’s happening at Living Word. If you’re interested in becoming a visitor or if you know, of a homebound member who would benefit from this ministry, email

Hospital Visitation

When illness and hospital stays become a part of our lives, it helps to have a caring person visit and pray with us. If you or a loved one will be in the hospital and would like one of our (Pastoral) Care and Counseling staff to come to visit you or your loved one, email to set up a visit.

Healing School

Come and rest in the presence of the Lord while being taught and reminded of God’s Word concerning your health and healing. Jesus provided for our healing (spirit, soul, and body) on the cross. If you need healing or want to learn about ministering healing to others, please join us for a time of teaching, music, and ministry. These classes are also streamed online, watch your email box for a link to view the classes. Healing School runs from September to May.

Send a prayer request

Facing life’s challenges can feel lonely. But don’t believe the lie that you are all alone in the world. We’re here for you! And we’d love the opportunity to pray with you.

Living Free Recovery Groups

Whether you’re facing substance abuse or other addictive behaviors, find the encouragement and support you need through one of our many weekly Living Free recovery groups.

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