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Being there for you—that’s why we are here. We want to be the place you can come for spiritual guidance, counsel, and help—in good times and bad. We are committed to helping you confidently address the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs you will face. No one is meant to walk through this life alone; let us be that resource in your life. 

Care & Counseling

Find out more about care and counseling and our pastoral team.

Support Services

Find out all that we offer through life events, support groups, and other care services.

Care & Counseling

The goal of Pastoral Care and Counseling is to be a resource to our members. We are here to assist with the many stages of life—from the planning of a wedding, a funeral, or perhaps when a hospital visit is in need.

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Facing life’s challenges can feel lonely. But don’t believe the lie that you are all alone in the world. We’re here for you! And we’d love the opportunity to pray with you.

Life Events

•  Funerals & Memorials
•  Weddings
•  Baptisms
•  Child Dedications

Support Groups

Look through the support groups we offer centered around helping you through challenges and moving toward rebuilding your life.

Care Services

•  Car Care
•  Benevolence Services
•  Christian Counseling
•  Homebound Ministry
•  Hospital Visitation