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Taking The Authority That Is Yours

Taking The Authority That Is Yours | Pastor Jim Hammond | September 25, 2022 Recap:God gave complete dominion over the earth to Adam and Eve. When He did that, He also gave them the freedom to choose what to do with that authority. Unfortunately, as the Bible tells...

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Time and Place with Dr. Billye Brim

Time and Place | Billye Brim |September 18, 2022 Recap:God wants us to be aware that we are living in the end of days, right before Jesus’ return. This past weekend, we were blessed to hear from Billye Brim, who talked about the times and seasons in which we now live....

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Love in Context: The Root of Bitterness

Love in Context: The Root of Bitterness |Pastor Mac Hammond | September 11, 2022 Recap:We live in a time where we can’t simply live on cruise control. We need to focus our attention outward, tune into the Spirit of God, and learn how to live daily by the law of love....

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Revelation Revealed #7: Letter to the Church of Philadelphia

Revelation Revealed #7: Letter to the Church of Philadelphia | Pastor Jim Hammond| September 4, 2022 Recap:This past weekend, we were treated to hearing Pastor Jim Hammond preach for every service! He shared message seven in his teaching series Revelation Revealed....

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Love in Context

Love in Context | Pastor Mac Hammond | August 28, 2022 Recap:Two words that are often misunderstood within a Christian context are holiness and love. What is love? What should it look like? What is holiness, and how do we strive toward holiness without moving into a...

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Upper Midwest Faith Explosion 2022

Upper Midwest Faith ExplosionDr. Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland, and Dr. Jesse DuplantisAugust 17–21, 2022 Recap:When the world is filled with chaos and disorder, you don’t have to be. God has positioned you on this earth for a reason. It’s not so you can worry about...

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Dealing with Loss Part 2

Dealing With Loss, Part #2 | Pastor Mac Hammond | August 14, 2022 Recap:Loss will be a part of everyone’s life. That’s not a bad confession, but the truth of living in a fallen world. How we deal with loss is extremely important for it directly affects our quality of...

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Dealing with Loss

Dealing With Loss | Pastor Mac Hammond| August 7, 2022 Recap:One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in life is loss. Whether it’s the loss of someone you love, the loss of financial stability, or the loss of a dream, loss can change your theology and...

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Guest Minister Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack | July 30, 2022 at 5 p.m.   In his message on Saturday evening, Andrew talked about God’s system of seed time and harvest and how we must learn to cooperate with it. There are laws that govern natural seed time and harvest: you have to know when it’s...

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