Prayers That Will Change Your Life, #3 | Jim Hammond

This past weekend, Pastor Jim taught the third message in his four-part series entitled, “Prayers That Will Change Your Life.” In this message, he expounded on the prayer in Philippians 1:6, 9–11. He reiterated that these biblical prayers are anointed and when you pray them over your loved ones—and yourself too—they get results. Pastor Jim says he prays these prayers over the Living Word congregation regularly, and his desire is that Living Word members would also develop the discipline to pray these prayers on a regular basis as well.

Special Guest Dr. Billye Brim

Not only is Dr. Billy Brim a prophet of God but she is also a long-time friend of this ministry; time and again, God has used her to bring spiritual blessings to Living Word right at the needed time. Billye updated us on the progress of the Migdal property in Israel and talked about God’s sacred calendar of redemption. To get her complete teaching while she was here, you’ll want to listen to all three of her messages!

Wisdom for Living: The Wisdom of Connecting | Mac Hammond

This past weekend, Pastor Mac taught his 10th installment of his series “Wisdom for Living.” We’ve been chasing the truth about wisdom that it is the ability to discern the best ends and the best means to achieve those ends. As believers, we acknowledge the best ends are what God says He has for us in our lives. In this message, we’re looking at “The Wisdom of Connecting” and how connection occurs on two levels.

Prayers That Will Change Your Life, #2 | Jim Hammond

This past weekend, Pastor Jim gave his second installment in his teaching series entitled, “Prayers That Will Change Your Life.” He introduced the congregation to anointed prayers in the Bible that we can pray over ourselves and over our loved ones that will absolutely bring about change in their lives. Do you have loved ones in your life that are struggling in life? Then this is a teaching you need to hear!

Weekly Life Groups

Weekly Life Groups

These groups will help you build relationships and allow time for relaxing and doing life together. Groups meet every week or once a month.