The Importance of Church | Pastor Mac Hammond

The purpose of this special Sunday was to encourage members to bring others to church to share with them the rich experience that church attendance has had on their lives. Pastor Mac started the service by sharing how he and his wife, Lynne, started Living Word some 42 years ago. He identified what kind of church Living Word is, a full Gospel, Charismatic Word of Faith Church. He then shared fascinating details about the decline of church attendance and how it can be correlated to the repeal of “blue laws.”

Prayer and Presence Conference

Prayer and Presence Conference

Come for this amazing, free, three-day prayer conference from March 24-26 in Brooklyn Park, MN. Prayer and Presence Conference is an experience in God’s presence. We believe in creating space for encounters with God and desire to equip the Church and empower people to live from the overflow of dwelling in His love. The Prayer and Presence Conference will feature live worship, teaching, ministry, and prayer from speakers Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland, Joseph Harris, and Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond.

Revelation Revealed | The Throne Room of God and the Trumpet Judgments, #14 | Pastor Jim Hammond

When the apostle John was taken up into the throne room of God, he had a glorious view of what the throne room looked like. This past weekend, Pastor Jim expounded on the various elements of the throne room when he taught the 14th installment of his series, “Revelation Revealed.” Not only did we learn about the throne room, but we also learned about the seven trumpet judgments during tribulation.

Revelation Revealed #12 | Pastor Jim Hammond | January 8, 2023

Pastor Jim first gave a review of what he taught in last week’s message which was the first four riders in Revelation chapter six. These riders have become known as the “four horses of the apocalypse.” The rider on the white horse being the figure of Antichrist coming forth. The rider on the red horse had the power to take peace from the earth. The rider on the black horse brought worldwide famine. The fourth rider on the pale horse comes forth and the rider is death and hell followed after him.