Meaningful Relationships

Church is not just a place to go and hear someone talk. Don’t get us wrong, it’s vital to sit under the teaching of the Word—the preaching of the Gospel is the center of everything we do at Living Word. But, it should not stop there.

Church is intended to be—not a building—but a family. It is by connecting with other believers that this transition begins to occur, and you develop a heart connection that is meaningful and long lasting.


Really, you can connect in many ways. Our Connect Groups ministry was designed with the specific mission of making this large church home, and creating settings where those meaningful connections can be made.


Another way to get connected with others here at Living Word is through prayer. Not only do we have corporate prayer daily throughout the week, we have hundreds of small prayer groups of which you could be a part.


And we really can’t forget to mention serving. Our church is large, and it takes hundreds of volunteers every year to make things run smoothly, from taking care of the children, running cameras, mentoring teens, praying with people, etc. If you are interested in seeing how you can play your part in making Living Word that church home for others, click here.