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Catch Up:  Your Vision

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Making God's word your own is where true life is found. -Mac Hammond #yourvision Share

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    Students Can Earn a Degree While on Maranatha’s Campus

    These college-level courses are incorporated into Maranatha’s schedule so each course will take the place of a high school class. As a result, students will still be able to experience the benefits of high school, such as athletics, club memberships, chapels, and a rich student culture. Thanks to a partnership with University of Northwestern–St. Paul…Read more

    Mighty Overcomers

      Reaching Children With Special Needs During Service For parents and caregivers, the wellbeing and safety of their children is always a key concern for families who come to church. This concern heightens dramatically any time special needs are involved in the equation. That’s one appealing factor of the children’s ministry at Living Word. We…Read more

    Giving Honor Where Honor’s Due

    This weekend at Living Word, Pastor Mac has taken time to share with our church family some of the organizational changes that are taking place as we step into 2017. Upon close of the past year, we have said goodbye to many faithful staff members, celebrating the next part of their journeys with the Lord.  Of…Read more

    This Christmas, Let Your Dreams Be Stirred

    Lynne and I are so thankful for your connection to Living Word, and we appreciate you so much. God has big things in store for you and your family as we begin to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year. When God placed a dream in Mary’s heart that she was going to bear…Read more