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Current Series:  Eternity

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Where's your shout of faith? You must learn to shout in the face of the Devil. -Pastor Mark Hankins #rejoice Share

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    The Precious Blood of Jesus

    Your sacrifice of praise connects you to the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus. We stand before God holy and without blame. Why? The blood of Jesus has made us worthy. It has also qualified us for the best blessings. Because of the blood of Jesus, we aren’t trying to get anything; Jesus already received…Read more

    So—How Are We Doing?

    We’re really excited about the changes we’ve made. The new signs and sounds of our sanctuary are all designed to give God glory from announcements to the altar call and everything in between. You are an important part of Living Word and we value your input as we continue to reach out to our community…Read more

    Debunking Evolution

    The very definition of science is violated by the idea of evolution. Evolution is not a scientifically proven theory. In fact, it both defies the definition of the scientific process and has nothing to support it in the fossil record. In his latest installment in Eternity, Pastor Mac takes a look at just a few…Read more