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Current Series: Wings of an Eagle

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Step out on your wings of faith and you're going to soar on the wind of the Spirit. -Pastor Mac Hammond Share

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    Mission: Uganda

    The Bible tells us that when we are weak, that is when He is strong, when His glory can be seen. One of our mission teams, headed up by Pastor Kent Otey, experienced this first-hand while in Buikwe, Uganda. As you can see, God used this team to do amazing things.

    America Will Be Saved

    This past week we were privileged to sit under the ministry of Rev. Reinhard Bonnke. Each night, thousands gathered to hear the truth of the Gospel, allow God to break every chain of bondage holding them back, and to be reminded that our mission as a Christian is a simple one. Rev. Bonnke stated it…Read more

    Rev. Reinhard Bonnke – SummerVival 2014

    “I’m an evangelist. Every time I get a microphone in my hand, only one thing burns in my heart: I want hell empty and heaven full. To me, nothing is greater than that. One soul saved is one soul less in hell and one soul more in heaven; otherwise, I wouldn’t do what I do:…Read more