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Current Series:  Bridge the Divide

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In order to bridge the divide of cultural differences in the Body of Christ, we must mature in our understanding of the Word. -Mac Hammond #bridgethedivide Share

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    One Body, Serving Together

    At-risk children in developing countries don’t have access to the same amenities we have in the United States; that’s why we can make a difference through this joint outreach to children around the world in need. In unity we will find our greatest strength. That’s why Living Word is uniting with churches across the Twin…Read more

    Entrepreneurial Center of Excellence

    The Entrepreneurial Center will be filled with innovation and creativity, furthering students’ business acumen. On Thursday, April 6, Maranatha Christian Academy’s Annual Gala centered on the exciting future of the new Entrepreneurial Center of Excellence being created here at Maranatha. The Entrepreneurial Center will be filled with innovation and creativity, furthering our students’ business acumen….Read more

    Summit Registration Is Now Open!

    A new administration is at the helm in America, so now more than ever, we need to make sure they understand just how many millions of Americans want them to support Israel. Clear your schedules for July 17–18; we are heading back to Washington DC for the CUFI Summit, and we want you to join…Read more

    Living Word Online Launches

    God is so deeply in love with all people; His heart beats to help and heal those who are open to Him. Tuning into our online services has never been better! This past weekend, we launched Living Word Online, our church platform available on Services are streamed as usual, but multiple features have been…Read more