Hungry for His Presence

Summer Camp 2023 | August 14–17


Camp Cost

Camp Cost $350
Early Bird Cost $325


Ages 8–12 are
welcome to attend

Key Dates

Final Deadline July 16

Camp Orientation for parents and kids

Sunday, August 6 at 1 p.m.

Fun Camp Activities

Camp will be filled with fun, friends, and worship. Your child will experience all of the camp activities such as swimming, pontoon rides, bonfires, hayrides, and the Giant Water Blob, Gaga Ball, Land Blob, Nerf Zone, and Obstacle Course.

First-Class Facility

Lake Geneva Christian Center is located in Alexandria, Minnesota, two hours from Minneapolis. There is 1,300 feet of shoreline on beautiful Lake Geneva. The beach is the best spot on the lake and hosts the Giant Water Blob along with swimming and pontoon rides.

What to Expect

• Lodging (4 days, 3 nights)
• 12 Delicious Meals
• Fun Activities every day
• Holy Spirit Services every evening
• Anointed Worship

Guest Speaker John Tasch

John Tasch’s ministry is refreshing and vibrant. There is a strong presence of the Holy Spirit in his ministry. He has a wealth of ideas on how to present the Word of God through exciting, time-tested methods that will keep your kids on the edge of their seats. Not only does John believe in children—he believes in the God who is inside them!

One of the most powerful services I ever participated in was at Kid’s Camp in 1986.

I was Kid’s Pastor at an Oklahoma church and invited my friend, Bill Bush, to be the guest speaker.

To my surprise, Bill started off the service with an altar call.

He stood up in front of the kids with a rock in his hand and said something like this,

“Boys and girls, some of you here are like this rock. You’ve got a hard heart.”

At this point, I was wondering where Bill was going with this. After all, these were my kids. I’m thinking to myself,

“These kids are good. They don’t have hard hearts?”

Bill went on to explain what he meant.

“Some people don’t think Christians can have a hard heart, but you can harden your heart towards God just like you can harden your heart towards a friend.”

How do you know if you have hardened your heart towards God?

·       Do you have a hard time going to church?

·       Has it been a long time since you have read your Bible?

·       Do you have a hard time worshipping the Lord?

If so, you have hardened your heart towards God.”

Bill paused at this point. It got hushed.

“If I just described you, I want you to come to the front and ask the Holy Spirit to soften your heart.”

Bill paused and waited for people to come to the altar, but nobody moved. He was standing there holding that rock for what seemed like an eternity.

A 12-year-old boy named Chris was sitting in the back row. He was the last kid you would think would respond to an altar call like this, but Chris stood up and ran down to the front, and when he did, the presence of God came into the room powerfully.

In less than a minute, everyone in the room was down at the front, asking God to soften their hearts. Those kids stayed at the altar praying for 55 minutes!

It was a life-changing night for everyone, adults and kids alike.

Our kids need services like this, which is why we do Kids Camp every summer. The camp environment sets kids up to experience the presence of God. Last year the Holy Spirit moved powerfully, and we expect him to do more this year.

I cannot think of a better investment you make in your kids’ lives.

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