Serve Month!

1 Peter 4:10-11 | All month long is Serve Month! This event is an exciting 31-day social campaign that anyone can be a part of. Yes, even that four-year-old sharing their goldfish crackers shows one of many ways you can serve or share an act of kindness. No gesture is too small!
Have you been wondering how you can do more in your community? Have you been indecisive on what you can do to be the hands and feet? No worries! This month, we are rallying with you to share an assortment of acts of kindness and different ways you can serve. There are so many good things that happen within the walls of our church. We want to take time this month to use what we have cultivated within and share it with those who need it the most. If you have an outreach idea and would like assistance to accomplish it, please contact the Outreach Coordinator, Denise McMurray.
Check out the list below of smaller outreaches that can be done this month. Don’t forget to share them with us if you wish! #LWServe #LWHandsandFeet #LWActsofKindness #LWMayIHelp

Ideas on How You Can Reach People, Touch Lives, and Make a Difference:

For Strangers:
Pay for someone’s gas, coffee, or meal
Pick up litter around your neighborhood
Leave a positive comment or review for a small business
Read to Children

For Nonprofits:
Give blood
Donate old clothes or electronics
Do a shift at a soup kitchen
Donate used books

For Co-Workers:
Bring a treat/coffee for your team
Mentor someone/give advice
Encourage a worker
Clean your co worker’s area