Building Services

OPS Team Request

For projects relating to construction, improvements, design, or facilities-related work.

HVAC or Mechanical Repair Request

For heating and/or air conditioning-related repairs/needs.

Light Request

Let us know that lighting needs to be replaced within the facility.



Video Request

Video request for promos, announcements, social media. Due to the amount of requests we receive, the video creative team need at least four weeks lead time. Some projects may require more research, or production time and some may need less.

Website Update Request

Complete this request form to update any web or from related information. 

Website Event Listing

Complete this request to have your event listed on our website. This replaces entering events in Arena.

Marketing / Design Request

To include design, web, video, and communications requests. For bulletin requests, use the bulletin request form.

Bulletin Request

To request advertisement in the monthly bulletin. For details on which bulletin is currently open for advertising, click on the form.

Social Media Campaign Request

To put forward your Social Media campaign ideas. Our Social Media team can then review and come up with solutions to suit your needs. Please fill out the form below.

Building Services Questions

Please contact Heather Sibinski for any other questions you might while have filling out a form.

Communication Questions

Please contact Leslie Rich for any other questions you might while have filling out a form.