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Overcoming the Works of the Flesh Confession: 

I don’t do this in my own strength, for it is You, Father God who is all the while effectually (supernaturally) at work in me, energizing and creating in me the power and desire both to will and to work for Your good pleasure and satisfaction and delight. 

My Lord God, the God of Peace, You Yourself sanctify me through and through, You separate me from vile and profane things and make me pure and wholly consecrated to You, my spirit, soul, and body preserved sound and complete, and found blameless at coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, You are faithful. You Yourself have called me, You are utterly trustworthy, You fulfill Your call by hallowing and keeping me. 

 I am strong, strengthened inwardly in the grace, the help that comes from being in union with Christ Jesus. Lord, you give me more and more grace, power of the Holy Spirit to meet any and all evil tendencies. You give grace to those who are humble enough to receive it. So, I subject myself to you, I yield myself to You. 

 When I am tempted, I run to You and I come close to You and then You come close to me and show Yourself strong on my behalf, You give me grace to resist the devil, to stand firm against him and then he must flee. When I call on You, You answer me and strengthen me with supernatural strength and might and inflexibility to temptation in my inner self. You give unyielding and impenetrable strength to me, You are a very present and well proved help in time of trouble in Jesus Name, Amen.