Obey God’s Word!

Naaman was a General in a big army and he helped his king win a lot of battles. But one battle he could not seem to win was against a terrible disease that seemed to destroy his skin. One day a young girl told him about a man of God in Israel, Elisha, that could heal him of his skin disease. Naaman traveled to Israel but was upset when Elisha simply sent a messenger to tell him to dip himself seven times in the Jordan River. Naaman complained that it could not be so simple, but his helpers encouraged him to obey. Naaman dipped himself in the water seven times…and after the seventh time he came up healed! Naaman was so thankful that he obeyed the Word of the Lord!

Highlighted Scriptures:

Psalm 119:105: Your Word is a lamp unto my feet!


Classroom Sheet


General Naaman didn’t understand everything that was going on or what he was told to do, but he chose to obey anyway. And because he did, his body was completely healed!