Faith Follows the Words We Speak

Happy Mother’s Day! There was a mom in the Bible that was very sick. She went to many doctors but there was no cure for her. She HEARD that Jesus healed people and her faith began to grow. She said if she could just touch His clothes she would be healed. She said this many times. Each time she said it her faith grew. When Jesus came to her town she crept through the crowd, touched Him, and was instantly healed! Jesus told her that HER FAITH had made her whole!

Highlighted Scriptures:

Romans 10:9: If you say with your mouth…and believe in your heart…you will be saved!

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Handout


Mother’s Day coloring & confession page. 


The woman HEARD that Jesus healed, she continued to SAY it in faith, reached out in faith to receive, and she was HEALED!