Your Vision | Mac Hammond | January 15, 2023

This past weekend, Pastor Hammond taught on a subject that should interest every believer: setting your own personal vision. He talked about how to set vision as an individual and then how to set a vision for your family.

Love in Context: Offense Free

We live in a time where we can’t simply live on cruise control. We need to focus our attention outward, tune into the Spirit of God, and learn how to live daily by the law of love.

The Last Days on Fallen Earth #13

Some people didn’t think there was any way that the book of Daniel could have been written within the time period that some dated it to because the prophecies written in it were so precise. We, however, know that God can use people to precisely prophecy the future—and even have a layered meaning within the prophecies itself that is fulfilled in both the near and far future.

The Last Days on Fallen Earth #10

The war in Ezekiel will happen before the rapture, and it will end with a miracle that will draw people to the Lord. Ultimately, it will be the beginning of the latter rain and multitudes of people welcoming God on this earth!

Christmas 2021: Christ in You, Part 3

One of the miracles we celebrate every Christmas is the miracle of Mary’s pregnancy. She heard the word of God from Gabriel that she would become pregnant with Jesus, and she chose to believe it would happen just as Gabriel said.