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Your story is a great one.

When you take a little time to share your story it can be just the thing that God uses to encourage someone else and speak into their life. Share your story with us here or by tagging #lwstory on social media.


We’d love to hear it!

Tell us your story

Matt and Alana Grotewold


Shawn and Sommer Hougo


Brian and Jenny Steinhorst

Marriage Restoration

John and Latrenda Schechter


Share your story with us!

Your story is personal and powerful. Believe it or not, your story can change lives.

If you could take just a few minutes and share how your life has changed because of Jesus, we would love hear it.

The True Riches

Jeff and Kay Kruse explain why giving is so important to them and to our church. They are then joined by people whose lives have been directly impacted by this kind of generosity. This is why we give.

Crystal and Kahliah Shunkwiler


Brad Merkel


Brad and Sharon Novicki



Peace & Restoration


Healed from depression

Anastasia Pentheros

Healing & Restoration

Mark and Becky Pease

Healing & Restoration

Dustin Sherry

Sharing the Word

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