We will never be mature in love until we first understand and accept how much He loves us. Perfect love casts out fear, thus there is no fear in our lives no matter what. The degree to which we are perfected in love will be demonstrated by the degree to which torment or fear is abated in the lives of those around us. Everything we do in other people’s lives either magnifies their fear or reduces it and lets them know that they are worth it. Kindness always, not envying what they have, not being arrogant or proud, being interested in them and listening to them, not being easily provoked and not thinking evil about them, not rejoicing in evil but in Truth are the Agape qualities we are to have towards others. Love believes the best for and of others, continues to endure, takes no account of a wrong suffered and never fails. When we serve other and help them find Him in their lives, we open their heart to hear what we have to say. The result will be His Resurrection Power. Promotion from Him comes only when we serve others.