Mexico Missions Trip

July 2021 | Youth Only

Missions | Mexico Missions Trip

Ministry Overview

July 2021 | Orphanages & Community Outreach

We will be traveling to Zacatecas, Mexico to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While in Mexico, we will be partnering with Hearing Heart Missions and Roca Eterna Church to host various outreaches into the community. A significant amount of time will be spent at Casa Hogar Orphanage ministering to and with the children and youth connected to the organization.

Registration is closed for this trip but let us know here if you are interested in future trips to Mexico.

Pastor John Gapp

Trip Leader

Zacatecas City has a population of 138,000 and is located in north-central Mexico. Being 8,000 ft. above sea level, the average summer temperatures in Zacatecas range from 52-68 degrees. They mainly speak Spanish, with their second language, being English. Alongside that, about 84% of the Zacatecas people are considered Roman Catholic.  The Mexican Peso is their currency, which is about 17-18 MXN to $1 USD.

  • Youth: Grades 6-12, or LW Youth Volunteer
  • First come first serve based on deposit and approved application
  • Must register & turn in first deposit by March 2, 2021

Missions Night Schedule:

It is very important that you attend each team meeting as we will have new information each month for us to talk about, as well as items due. You will also get time to get to know your fellow teammates.

March 2nd, 2021 | 7:00pm | Location TBA
  • First deposit of $500
  • ALL Application Forms
  • Registration closes
April 6th, 2021 | 7:00pm | Location TBA
  • Second deposit of $325
May 4th, 2021 | 7:00pm | Location TBA
  • Third deposit of $325
  • Copy of passport due
June 1st, 2021 | 7:00pm | Location TBA
  • Your current passport
  • Fourth deposit of $325
July 6th, 2021 | 7:00pm | Location TBA
  • Final deposit of $325
  • Your current passport
Travel tips:

Some of you who sign up for a trip may not be seasoned travelers. So, we have put together some basic tips for you to help you prepare for your trip. Please Click Here for more details.

Trip Cost | $1,800 per person

This covers everything from airfare, luggage, accommodations, ground transportation, meals, & ministry expenses; & DOES NOT include passport fees, travel insurance, souvenirs, or personal spending.

Deposits Due:
  1. March 2nd, 2021 | $500
  2. April 6th, 2021 | $325
  3. May 4th, 2021 | $325
  4. June 1st, 2021 |325
  5. July 6th, 2021 | $325
Payment Methods:
  • Cash
  • Checks- Make out to Living Word with the memo line left blank for tax deductions.
  • Credit Cards
How to give:
  • Deliver in person at the next Missions Night.
  • By Mail-

Living Word
Attn: Missions Dept.
9201 75th Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

  • Church offering
    • Fill out information on front & back of Tithe envelopes.
    • Specify on Tithe envelope which trip & individual the money is going toward.
  • Online
  • Go to → Sign in/Create an account
  • Click the Missions Tab → Trip → Trip member
  • Enter payment info → Submit

**All donations/deposits/payments are non-refundable & non-transferable.

It’s easy to shy away from committing to a trip because of the lack of finances. But we want to make it as simple as possible for you to fulfill what the Lord has put on your heart to do. We know that as you put your heart & soul into pursuing this process, the Lord is faithful to meet you where you’re at. So, here are some helpful tips that you can use to fund your trip, & watch the hand of God work on your behalf:


Support Letters

We have found that one of most effective ways to raise money is through a personal letter from you to let friends & family know what you are doing. You’d be surprised the amount of generous people out there, who not only wants to support a good cause, but also be a part of funding the Gospel. Please CLICK HERE for your downloadable sample letter to customize & make your own if you chose this method.

Social Media Promoting

It is never a bad idea to promote what you are doing through different social media avenues, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Be creative with your posts, by inspiring people to give. You can even post your support letter to your social media accounts.

You can also create a GoFundMe page to help you collect the funds necessary, & to get the word out there to even donors that you don’t know in person.

Employer Sponsorship

Just like above, you may be surprised the amount of people who are willing to donate to your mission when you ask. So take a moment to talk to your employer about this wonderful opportunity, & find out if they have a special fund set aside for sponsoring people like yourself.

Save & Sell

Sometimes a commitment to go can require personal sacrifice. So here are some other ways for you to save up for your trip:

  • Reduce spending on coffee, eating‐out, entertainment, etc.
  • Get a temporary part‐time job
  • Help others with projects for payment: mowing lawns/snow blowing, pet/babysitting, house cleaning, etc.
  • Collect/sell unwanted items on social media, e-bay/craigslist, or garage sale.
  • Use your talent/trade to sell & make a profit: Ex. paintings, photography, crafts, baked goods, etc.
Group Fundraising

Unfortunately, we do not do group fundraisers, as personal fundraising has proven to be much more effective. However, we do still encourage helping your fellow teammates if possible.


Be sensitive to the amount of fund requests you send out to the same group of people. This method can be considered soliciting & turn people away from wanting to give if it’s too frequent.  We suggest once every couple of years is sufficient.

Giving Info

Please see Cost & Payment tab on how to give.



** Safety tips change from trip to trip, so check with your leader for more details.


VaccinationsSome vaccinations are required to enter certain countries and other vaccinations are simply suggestions. To check which vaccines are required or recommended, or to find a travel doctor on where to go to get these vaccines, please see  for more details.

Travel Warnings/Country Info: As we travel to various places all over the world, we stay up to date with travel warnings & other information about those nations prior to entering, in order to keep our teams safe. We will inform you of any travel warnings or restrictions before departure. If you would like to do your own research beforehand, you can find this info out at for accurate details.

Travel Insurance: We typically do not purchase travel insurance for the team. You are more than welcome to purchase this on your own volition if you wish. Please see for more options.

Emergency Contact: Prior to departure, you will receive contact info for the team leader, or connected ministry we will be working with. This information should be given to your parent, spouse, or guardian, if someone needs to get ahold of you while you’re away. **Please keep in mind, this only applies to emergency situations.


Stay with your team: This is a safety precaution that we enforce in all of our teams; to make sure everyone is safe & accounted for. With that being said, it’s important to always stay together once you’ve arrived at the airport for departure. Always ask before separating from the group, whether in route, or once we’ve reached our final destination. It is never ok to wander off without notifying a team leader first. And we always ask that you stay in pairs when you receive approval to leave the group.

Safety Pre-cautions:

BEWARE OF THIEFS! Here are a few tips to help you prevent your belongings from being stolen.

  • Put your money/credit cards in different compartments, so that if one item gets stolen, you still have the other.
  • Don’t leave any money/valuables openly lying around in your hotel room or out in public. Use your hotel safe, or luggage lock if necessary.
  • Wear your backpack/day-bag/purse around your front when in crowded areas, to prevent from pick-pocketing.

USE STREET SMARTS! It’s important to use common sense while traveling abroad to keep you & your team safe.

  • Don’t make big scenes or draw attention to you or your team while in public.
  • Don’t solicit pamphlets, or materials on the streets, unless instructed by your leader.
  • Eat food from street vendors with caution. It may be too unsafe to eat due to contaminated water.
  • Don’t drink tap water or ice made from tap water. Stick with bottled water, or other commercially sealed beverages unless the team leaders tells you that the tap is safe.

Foreign laws: While traveling to different places, it’s important to keep in mind that each country has different laws than what you may be used to. For example, it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore, as a way to keep the environment clean. So, keep an awareness at all times to be respectful of these laws & cultural differences.

Social media posts/photos/videos: We take social media content very seriously, as it could put our contacts & native friends in danger in certain nations. So please ask team leader for direction before posting photos/videos on SM during or after your trip. Please be aware of what you are photographing. It is typically ok to take pictures of the native people, but please keep in mind that they are human and incredibly valuable in God’s sight. You may want to grab a pic of malnourished street children running around outside or a mother holding a sick child but before you do take a moment to stop and think about what you are about to capture. Put yourself in their shoes before you snap the picture and ask if you were them, would you want someone to take your picture? It is better to capture happy moments filled with the power of God moving in people’s lives, or a kid smiling or playing with a toy you gave them. When in doubt about taking pictures, simply ask whoever would be in the picture if they are ok with it, that is a sure way to know if it is alright. With that, keep in mind that it is always more powerful to be present in the moment and let God work through you than to be glued to your camera.


Jet lag: In order to recover from jet lag, it’s important to get back on a normal sleeping schedule. Try to stay awake until your normal bedtime, & don’t oversleep, or take long naps in the middle of the day. This will help you bounce back faster.


  • **Here are the first things that you will need to do after signing up for one of our missions trips.
    1. Come to the next Missions Night
    2. Apply/renew your passport at
    3. Start raising financial support
    4. Begin filling out trip registration forms listed below.
    • Missions Application
    • Medical Release
    • Minor Consent


     *Please fill out each form to the best of your ability before submitting them for review.

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Testimonies from previous trips

Longlasting Impact

In July of 2019, LW Missions took 17 team members on a missions trip to Zacatecas, Mexico to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the people.

While there, we partnered with the following ministries: Hearing Heart Missions (founded by Leanne Risk), Roca Eterna Church, and Casa Hogar Children’s Home. We were able to minister to and pray with 140 adults, youth, and children to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior through multiple outreach events. Some of these things included impacting multiple pedestrians in the city plaza through evangelism, music, and free hot dogs; touring and praying over a horse rehabilitation center/school for special needs children; ministering to and praying for those at a nursing home, drug rehabilitation center, hospital, and youth event; sowing seeds into the hearts of children at the Children’s Home; and helping out with some work projects around the church.

Overall, this trip was a success. LW Missions would like to thank all of those who participated and attended this trip. We couldn’t do it without you and your support! 

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