Dr. Billye Brim
Living Word had the honor of being ministered to by guest speaker, Dr. Billye Brim. Pastor Mac introduced her by saying not only is she a prophet of God but she is also a long-time friend of this ministry; time and again, God has used her to bring spiritual blessings to Living Word right at the needed time. Billye updated us on the progress of the Migdal property in Israel and talked about God’s sacred calendar of redemption.
Billye Brim | 09/16/23 | Saturday 5 p.m. | Migdal Update
In the Saturday night message, Billye updated everyone of the progress on Migdal, the land purchased in Israel. After 20 years, they finally got permission to build upon the land. She showed photos of the building’s foundation being built. She feels strongly the Lord wants to use that land for end time purposes, as a safe place during the time of tribulation. She talked about the sacred calendar and where we are on the timeline. Also, the Lord wanted her to talk about change and the changes taking place in the earth.
Billye Brim | 09/17/23 | Sunday 9 a.m. | The Glorious Church
The Lord instructed Billye to “speak of My season of change because this year will be a year of rapid change.” She talked about brother Oral Roberts’ message saying, “He’s coming soon yet none of My preachers are preaching about it.” We are seeing the birth pangs of this dispensation folding up, and how the glorious church will come forth. The body of Christ is the glorious church. Every member of the body of Christ is a “living stone.” God the Holy Spirit is building a temple made up of His living stones so that God can fill it with His glory.
Billye Brim | 09/17/23 | Sunday 11 a.m. | God Is Building His Living Temple
In this message, Billye shared the miraculous details of acquiring the land in Israel. She talked about God’s sacred calendar of redemption and how the Jewish people have been keeping count of the years since 1100s, BC. She talked about the Lord’s message about the season of change, and that this year will be a year of rapid change. She read a prophecy about how God is preparing to fold up this dispensation, bringing it to a close. God is going to bring everything He started to completion. In this message, she talked about how the greatest change that is coming will be the body of Christ, how God is changing us into a temple of the Holy Spirit. God said, “I will live in them, I will move in them, I will walk in them.”
Discussion Questions
When you hear about this dispensation coming to an end, does it fill you with joy? If not, why?
Do you or do you not believe in the rapture? If no, why not?
Are you ready for the return of our Lord?