Silence & Solitude

We live in a loud world where invasive frequencies stress and tire our bodies and minds. Throughout the biblical narrative, a temptation that every human must overcome is “If you are ______, PROVE IT.” When Satan opposed Jesus early in His ministry, the temptation was “If you are the Son of God, turn these stones to bread.” This was followed by other challenges that essentially said, “You must prove yourself in order to become WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE.” The test we must all face is the challenge to BE. If you must do something to
prove who you already are (pure, made in the image of God, righteous, complete, loved), it is proof you do not truly believe that you actually are who you are.
We must learn how to be… Jesus was always BEING. Everything He did was simply an overflow from who He knew He was. If we can learn to attain the same awareness of who we are in Christ, we will lose any pressure to prove anything to anyone. This will lead us into “quiet lives” where love truly leads us. So the question for us is, is there a practice in the way of Jesus that can teach us how to be?
Let us introduce you to “silence and solitude.” We believe this is the most formative practice in your discipleship to Jesus
You are invited to follow along with each part of the practice by viewing our guided prayer videos here. In addition to making these prayers a part of your weekly practice, we highly recommended processing this with your community. We welcome you to learn more about our Life Group community HERE
We also welcome you to join us for our in person services as we continue to experience our Silence and Solitude Series every Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Union Depot.