Details & FAQ!



Our tuition is $3500 each year. This goes towards teaching resources, instructors, speakers, and various events and activities throughout year.



The Disciple Internship Program is available for ages 18-29.



We currently do not offer any housing. However, if you are in need of housing, please reach out to us. We will make our interns aware of any housing opportunities we come across.



We encourage you to work while you are in Disciple Internship, so long as you are able to manage your time. It is important to us that our interns live a balanced life of work and rest. We realize that working on top of your internship schedule will likely leave you with a busy schedule, so our goal is to come alongside you and help you find rest and balance in the midst of it.


Your schedule is made up of two components— classes and roles. Our class schedule ranges from Monday to Thursday, 8:30 AM-12 PM. Many of our intern roles take place in the afternoon; however, your specific schedule will depend on what role you are enrolled in. Some of them may require you to be here some weeknights and weekends. Also, we have Instructor Groups. Instructor groups are a mentorship-focused group time with DI Instructors that meet at various times on Monday, and serve once during the week, on either a Wednesday evening or a Sunday morning. Please call us if you have any questions. We would love to work with you if there are any scheduling conflicts.



We kick off each internship year by going on a 4 day retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to grow closer together as we seek God together. This is achieved through doing team building activities, casting vision and setting goals for the upcoming year, and most importantly seeking the heart of God on an individual and corporate level.