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Young Children

Talking to God | Pastor Ginny

Talking to God | Pastor Ginny

This teaching is a reminder that God loves us and wants us to understand all He did to connect with us. He wants to have a relationship with us. We all can talk to God, no matter how young we are!

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Safe in Jesus | Ms Alicia

Safe in Jesus | Ms Alicia

Safe in Jesus | Ms AliciaWe all have some things that help us to feel safe; like a helmet or our house, or maybe our parents make us feel safe... but did you know that God promises that He will keep us safe no matter what?Classroom ActivityHighlighted Scriptures:...

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Prayers & Confessions

Prayer is what connects us with God.  Prayer is always the first step towards a peaceful, blessed, and thriving life! Find more prayer confessions and other resources here.

If you are in need during this time, we'd love to pray with you.

Please fill out this simple form or call the number below.

Prayer or care: 763.315.7000

Life Groups

We are still connecting through all of our Life Groups! Our leaders are moving all of our meetings online. To find a group or get in contact with one of our Life Group Leaders simply click the button below.

We pray for our leaders and believe for the full counsel of heaven to be available to them as they make decisions.

We pray for the medical professionals to have wisdom, knowledge, and a leading of the Holy Spirit as they work dillegently to fight the spread of this virus.

We pray for peace and rest on our families and communities. We agree that no weapon formed or fashioned against them will prosper in any way.

We pray for you.  That you are protected. That you are led. That you are safe and secure in your spirit, soul, and mind.


When we make the Lord our habitation and dwelling place, sickness can’t come near our families or us…The blood of Jesus protects us… He redeems us in the middle of chaos.
Psalms 91

I give you peace, the kind of peace only I can give. It isn’t like the peace the world can give, so don’t be worried or afraid.
John 14:27

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, we feel it is appropriate to cancel all meetings and events. Our regular weekly services on Wednesday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning will be streamed via our online church platform, YouTube and Facebook. 

The only event that remains open for social gathering is our 8:30 a.m. prayer meetings in the Chapel of our main campus.

Text LW and your gift amount to 28950 or visit our give page.

Living Word Youth

Pastors Dustin and Sabrina, along with the worship team and staff, are connecting with our youth on Instagram. Follow their account for the latest messages and activities.