Serving our community!

We closed out the month of February several ways! As stated at our last gathering, our goal is to participate in more community-based outreaches. This month we assisted some fellow neighbors with yard work, groceries, and home maintenance. What started as a simple project to help insulate a home quickly became a heartwarming moment. A long-time member of our church hasn’t been able to come to service since before the pandemic. Our outreach volunteers delivered her groceries and spent time laughing and talking together. We are super thankful for our volunteers who could bless these residents in their time of need! We were also able to donate funds to the Mission’s department in support of their previous Guatemala trip. Thank you all for being supportive of the Outreach department. Whether your efforts have been financially or physically, we are blessed to have you as contributors to reaching people, touching lives, and making a difference. If you are interested in doing more hands-on Outreach projects or wish to financially contribute to our projects, join the Outreach Volunteer Team today or use the donate button below!