Tipping Point

As high school aged teens are experiencing those last few years before embarking on adulthood, pressures to fit in, to compromise, can seem overwhelming. What an important time to be surrounded with a caring community of friends and mentors that will inspire them to walk in all that God has called them to be.

In LW Youth, teens find themselves in a dynamic environment from the word go. From the lounge and the café, to the basketball court or sanctuary, here teens can let down their guard and know that they are in a place where there’s no judgment, where they can be themselves.

They will be challenged by the Word; challenged to learn and to grow, to see themselves as God sees them. They will learn to walk with Jesus, to trust in Him, to see Him in action. They will be changed. And they will have a blast doing it.

By the time teens graduate high school, they will be able to know why they believe in the Lord, and will see themselves as disciples of Christ.