Basketball, Xbox, and God

What do these three things have in common? Well, you can find them all at The Rock Junior High, and not necessarily in that order. Pre-teens and teens, grades 6 through 8, will find a home where they can hang out, play games, and be challenged to dig into God’s word, all in a place designed just for them.

Mentoring youth is what The Rock ministries are about. Whether it’s chill worship, or relevant talks about peer pressure and standing up for God in a seemingly Godless world, your youth will learn the Word, get a chance to talk about the things that they care about, and see leaders in action walk out their faith in an authentic manner.

In addition to weekend services, Wednesday nights are a great time for middle schoolers to thrive. As youth grow closer and closer to adulthood, recognizing and developing their own belief in God, seeing their own faith in action, is all part of the growing up process. No better place to do so than with the team of committed pastors and leaders in The Rock Junior High.