For Parents

Coming to church should be a time for teens to connect with others, to talk about what matters to them, and to be encouraged by mentorship that will speak positively into their lives.

That’s the goal with our discussion groups, called 242. The name was inspired by Acts 2:42, where we see the power of another voice. What’s ‘another voice’? Well, as parents, especially of teens, it can often seem that they will hear and receive wisdom from anywhere but at home. While that’s not really true, what is true is that when churches and parents team together to speak the same messages of life into their young people, great things happen.

Youth make a difference for Christ and become world changers.

So, our 242 groups are organized by gender and grade, and are led by committed volunteers who are dedicated to reaching teens, and being that other voice in their lives. No judgment, no pecking orders, just a real place where youth can get down to what’s really important.

For Teens

Okay, so you are thinking about coming to The Rock, and want to know what to expect? Well, we are super casual, there’s a café and a basketball court. The music is legit, and the talk is real. You’ll meet some great people, hear honest talk, and hopefully want to come back.