#YourVision: God’s Place for Your Fulfillment


I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.—Philippians 3:14

What does it look like to “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”? In his first teaching series of 2017—Your Vision—Pastor Mac laid out the Bible’s framework within which we can pursue the calling on our lives, individually and corporately. Three keys we see throughout the Word are commitment, endurance, and cheerful patience.

As members of God’s kingdom, pursuing our vision takes place within the parameters of living set forth in His kingdom. That’s where we will bear fruit and receive seed to turn around and plant towards the increase of God’s kingdom and a harvest in our lives

In walking through this life, we must remember that Christianity isn’t meant to be lived alone. Each of us is to be a part of a body of believers—and the final step to growth toward your vision is commitment to a larger part of the body of Christ at your local church. Commitment enables you to pursue the call of God on your life and support the church’s broader call to reach people in the world with the Word of God.

You see, the vision of the local church is a composite of every member’s individual vision for their lives. Without your personal vision being realized, the church’s vision will be limited accordingly.

Our guest minister during this time, Brother Keith Moore, noted that a key way we give to the body is through bringing people into the kingdom and building up the brethren. He explained, “God wants to use every one of us to reach, win and disciple people.”

Your life will make the most difference in this world when you walk out the plan God has for your life. That is where you will experience the blessing of God—and it will always be intricately connected to the local group of believers God connects you with at church.

God’s plan for your life is blessed, and when you follow it, that’s where success and contentment will be found.

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