Young Adults for Israel

Young Adults For Israel is a dynamic group and hub development for the Twin Cities, intended to provide support and resources for young adults and college students with a heart for Israel. We partner with CUFI and CUFI on Campus to inform, inspire, and impassion all on the topic of Israel and the Jewish people. This group is forming the next generation of pro-Israel leaders.

We bring a strong support to college campuses, the local Jewish community and area churches and schools to educate and empower strong Israel advocates.

What do we do?

Young Professionals

Our group is a community wide bridge builder that creates strong relationships between young professionals, college students, our local Jewish community and elected officials. We hold informative monthly meetings that provide an environment to equip young adults with the skills, relationships, resources, experience and biblical perspective to effectively stand for Israel and the Jewish people. In addition to our monthly meetings, we attend pro-Israel campus activities, sponsor speakers, support our local Jewish community events, and attend the Washington DC CUFI Summit. We will have fun and engaging opportunities that create excitement in our community as well as movement towards a stronger generation who not only love Israel but will defend her.

College Students

With help from our Campus Ministry and CUFI on Campus, we connect with local college students to empower them and equip them to start Pro-Israel groups on their college campuses. We help the students organize and hold pro-Israel campus activities, we sponsor speakers for those activities, support our local Jewish community events, and attend the Washington DC CUFI Summit.
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Get connected

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month and more often for special events.
Email either Deb or Skyler directly.