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About Us

Jean Christenson


The Wells at 7th Street

Pastor Jean grew up working in a family business, beginning at the age of eight. She then went on to study and work in medical, chiropractic and social service areas. She came to Living Word in 1986 and met her husband Denny in the evangelism ministry. She worked in various ministries prior to them starting a motorcycle group in 1990. She joined the staff in 1995, initially working for Pastor Tim Burt. Jean met Pastor Terry Farrand through the prayer ministry in 1987, and worked with her in networking and executive capacities. She joined Pastor Terry at The Wells at 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis in 2001. Pastor Jean has a passion to reach the broken and hurting of all ages, watching God transform them through His Word and encounters with the Holy Spirit. She enjoys serving the rich treasure of people in the city—a variety of cultures and nations, the poor, the fatherless, the widows, the addicts, the homeless and the mentally ill, all are precious in His sight! (Isaiah 43:4)