Mighty Overcomers


Reaching Children With Special Needs During Service

For parents and caregivers, the wellbeing and safety of their children is always a key concern for families who come to church. This concern heightens dramatically any time special needs are involved in the equation.

That’s one appealing factor of the children’s ministry at Living Word. We are one of few churches in the Twin Cities that provides a dedicated ministry to children with special needs. Volunteers called “friends” are matched with children who need extra assistance in our regular classrooms or more individual attention in a separate classroom that teaches the Word of God with sensory integrated tools and one-on-one assistance.

This ministry to children with special needs allows parents to receive much needed spiritual encouragement from our main sanctuary and church congregation; it also provides each child with quality spiritual ministry and care in a safe environment. It’s another way Living Word is reaching people, touching lives, and making a difference.