Enhancing the faith and lives of special needs families.

Our mission is to compassionately provide spiritual growth through customized services for children, youth and adults with special needs. Compass offers a place of hope and healing based on the Word of God for the special needs community as well as support for their families.

Our belief is that those with special needs are a vital part of God’s kingdom. Through Compass, we’re providing a sense of dignity, value and inclusion within the Living Word Community.


A learning environment with a host of special features.

Participants who are prone to becoming overstimulated have the opportunity to be placed in a calming, sensory classroom. It also includes a “large muscle” play area built to enhance motor skill development.

Students participate in a flexible, safe and developmentally appropriate church experience guided by teachers who are specifically trained to meet their needs.

Compass Programs and Services


  •  An individualized service plan developed by the teacher and parent(s) to provide a comprehensive religious program for the student.
  • Bible class with a curriculum designed to meet each student’s needs.
  • Praise, worship and prayer with a focus on the Gospel.
  • Hands-on, enriching activities that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Saturday night or Sunday morning service.
  • One-on-one sessions with paraprofessionals who provide individualized attention, focus and friendship.

Physical Health and Wellness

  • Access to the on-site Wellness Center, including services such as nutrition, chiropractic care and massage therapy.
  • Nutritional tips that encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Relationship-building with peers, families and church.
  • Activity-based learning.
  • Inclusive activities with non-Compass peers. (Available for high school seniors and younger.)
  • Physical and occupational therapy as well as Speech Services provided on site or at a local clinic through a vetted third party.

Family Support

  • Spiritual guidance, prayer, pastoral care and consultation.
  • Supportive relationships and open communication with other families.
  • Network of community resources for speech, physical and occupational therapy; plus doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Family counseling, education, emotional support and advocacy for parents and siblings.
  • Pro bono legal assistance with social security, medical assistance and conservatorship.

Community Outreach

  • Ongoing parent education and community partnerships.
  • Community engagement activities.
  • Respite events for families.
  • Positive local school relationships.