A Church of Their Very Own

Here at LW Kids, our purpose is to create a safe, clean, and comforting environment for our church’s youngest while they learn about the love of God.

Your littlest ones, from birth to three years of age are welcome here. They will attend separate classrooms according to their age and development.

By having consistent leadership teams in the classrooms, our goal is to get to know you and your children so they look forward to coming to church each week.

Our policies for safety, cleanliness, and teacher to student ratios are set to create the best possible environment for the children. There will always be sufficient caregivers based upon the number of children in a classroom.

If, for any reason, your child needs you, we have a number system that enables us to reach you while you are in the sanctuary, chapel, or small group rooms. This number system works together with our security system that enables only the parent or guardian to remove a child from the classroom.

How We Teach

Simplicity and repetition are the building blocks of the structured program we have designed for our littlest ones including our infants. Our goal is to support you as you train them up in the love of God.

A tiered teaching plan with props, songs, and Bible lessons geared to their ages is provided along with coloring, praise time, snacks, and activities. All items are coordinated to reinforce the lessons of the day, and we are sure to send your young children home with lesson synopsis and information so you can build upon the lesson at home.