Cultivating the Fire for God

At LW Kids, your elementary school aged children will find him/herself engaged by our three-pronged approach, as we strive to feed them the Word of God, help them to discover their spiritual gifts, and create an atmosphere of fun for in which they will flourish.


We take John 21:15 to heart where Jesus directs Peter to feed his lambs, as we make sure the Word of God is ministered to your children in creative, fun, and exciting ways, feeding their spirit and helping them grow in God.


LW Kids is a terrific environment for your children to explore and discover their spiritual gifts. We provide a variety of opportunities for them to get involved in ministry.


If church is not fun, they will not want to come back. So we make sure church is a blast! Large ministry time has great music and interactive teaching, and small group discussions challenge your children to delve deeper into the Word, and provides a great place to build friendships.