For Parents

Are your kids excited about coming to church? 242 is one way we make it so kids aren’t going to their parent’s church; they are going to their church. It’s a time for kids to learn, to talk about things that are important, and to hear the same positive message they are getting at home.

242’s discussion groups are inspired by Acts 2:42, where we see the power of another voice. What’s ‘another voice’? Well, as parents, especially, it can often seem that our kids will hear and receive wisdom from anywhere but at home. While that’s not really true, what is true is that when churches and parents team together to speak the same messages of life into their children, great things happen.

Children make a difference for Christ and become world changers.

So, our 242 groups are organized by gender and grade, and are led by committed volunteers who are dedicated to reaching your children, and being that other voice in their lives. Here your kids can be themselves, and know that they are in a safe place where they can find out about God, and learn about what it means to walk with Him .

For Kids

When you come to church, we want you to have a special place where you can hang out with kids your age, talk about the things that you are interested in, and have a lot of fun. That’s why we created 242 groups. You will be in a small group of kids in your grade and gender, and will get to talk about the message you just heard. If you’ve ever wondered about God, about church, well about anything, we want to be able to support you as you grow up. That’s kind of what we are all about. So come spend some time with us. We really think you will be glad you did.