Iran: Past, Present, Future



Now is the time to contact our elected officials and urge them to vote against this bad deal.

CUFI has made it easy to both email and phone your specific representatives:

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By now you’ve heard about the bad deal America has struck with Iran. But do you know what the implications are for each of us? It is more important than ever that we not remain silent. On CUFI’s website as well as an email sent by CUFI just today, you will find key information including:

Ten Reasons to Oppose the Iran deal:

  1. Iran has a long history of cheating.
  2. The “inspections” are a joke.
  3. Iran will immediately receive $100 billion.
  4. Iran keeps its nuclear facilities and equipment.
  5. Iran can continue its nuclear research.
  6. Sanctions are lifted on the Iranian military.
  7. Iran can legally fund terrorist groups.
  8. It will set off a Middle East nuclear arms race.
  9. It abandons Israel and our other allies.
  10. It ignores Americans held in Iranian jails.

An email from CUFI:

This may well be the most important historical juncture of our lifetimes. Congress is in the midst of deciding whether or not to support President Obama’s disastrous agreement with Iran that will put $150 billion in the hands of the world’s leading sponsor of terror and will birth a Middle East nuclear arms race.

Over the last few weeks your and other CUFI members have sent over 200,000 emails to Capitol Hill asking Congress to vote against this dangerous deal. If you haven’t sent an email to Congress, please click here to do so now.

Now we need to take our effort to the next level. We need to flood the Hill with phone calls. Please click here to call your members of Congress to ask them to vote against the Iran Deal.

Congress needs to hear that the majority of Americans oppose this bad deal and oppose it enough to take the time to call. The few minutes you spend making calls can make a profound difference on the outcome of the vote.

In addition to sending emails and making calls, we are organizing meetings with members of Congress in their home offices during the August recess. If you are interested in meeting with your members of Congress to discuss the Iran deal please email us at

We are also organizing CUFI members to ask questions about the Iran deal at their representatives’ town hall meetings. If you sign up at the above address, we will also notify you about relevant town hall meetings near your home and enable you to attend and speak out against the deal.
We can think of nothing more important to the future of America and Israel than defeating this dangerous deal.