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Current Series:  Eternity

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Faith will alter your behavior. You will start acting differently when you believe differently. -Pastor Mac Hammond #eternity Share

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    Debunking Evolution

    The very definition of science is violated by the idea of evolution. Evolution is not a scientifically proven theory. In fact, it both defies the definition of the scientific process and has nothing to support it in the fossil record. In his latest installment in Eternity, Pastor Mac takes a look at just a few…Read more

    Winner’s Luncheon 2.0

    At Living Word, helping our business leaders, budding entrepreneurs, and others learn foundational leadership principles from the Word has always been important. With that in mind, The Winner’s Luncheon has been reimagined and reintroduces itself this October with a very special guest speaker, Peter Irvine. The Winner’s Luncheon is a speaking series that occurs six…Read more

    Find Your Place

    Fall’s the time to check out some of our small groups, and find your place. We’ve got something for everyone, so whether you’re into Bible studies or basketball, photography or fishing; we’ve got you covered. And who knows, you might be surprised at what you discover….