Giving Honor Where Honor’s Due

Vision17_lobby_left2_1200This weekend at Living Word, Pastor Mac has taken time to share with our church family some of the organizational changes that are taking place as we step into 2017. Upon close of the past year, we have said goodbye to many faithful staff members, celebrating the next part of their journeys with the Lord. 

Of those taking their leave, we have six long-time pastors at Living Word. While their roles here are definitely changing, we are excited to continue to pursue the Lord with them and see what God has in store as we all move forth into 2017 and beyond.  Of those departing, we have:

Pastors Tim and Renee Burt | 27 & 18 years, respectively | Small Groups, Pastoral Care, & Volunteer Development

Pastor Steve Sibinski | 32 years | Administration, Food Services, Outreach, Living Free Recovery Services, & The Wells at Seventh Street

Pastor Phil Winn | 17 years | Community Outreach

Pastor Dave Niznik | 22 years | Care & Support

Pastor Roger Olsen | 20 years | Care & Support

In addition to the pastoral team, there have been many amazing and anointed individuals behind the scenes that have also taken their retirement at the close of the year. They include:

Sandy Kelly | 27 years

Valorie Burns | 18 years

Stephanie Mize | 25 years

Rae Scannell | 23 years

Carol Houg | 19 years

Theresa Tibbals | 21 years

Terry Bowers | 17 years

Harry Aurness | 12 years

Dan Halme | 12 years

Gene Stromley | 17 years

Sharon Stromley | 17 years

Connie Elliot | 18 years

Danny Sunde | 23 years

Mark Pease | 26 years

Becky Pease | 27 years

Mary Jo Dancisak | 20 years

Randie Olsen | 16 years

When you see any one of these people around the sanctuary or halls at Living Word, be sure to thank them for their indelible contribution to all that has become Living Word, and congratulate them as they pursue all that God has for them in the future. 

On the other side of these changes is the glad welcoming of two new associates to our leadership team: Pastor Paul Idusogie and Brian Kelly. Pastor Mac was able to introduce them to the congregation at all weekend services. We look forward to seeing them take their place as we continue to move forward in the fullness of the vision for Living Word as we reach people, touch lives, and make a difference.