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About Us

We Are a Family

All of us come from different backgrounds and with life stories just as varied. We are works in progress who do our best to love Jesus and one another. We recognize that church is not the building—it is us.

Have Questions

Maybe you’ve never been to church at all, or grew up in a church that was more about rules than relationship. You are not alone. We look forward to helping you find the answers, and we truly believe this can be the beginning of the most beautiful relationship of your life.

Living Lives of Purpose

Life is busy, and sometimes it is easy to forget that there is something more. We may not have all the answers, but we believe that living life with an eternal perspective changes things. We want to help YOU know Jesus and live the life YOU were made for. It’s that simple.

Not a Fan of Coincidence

We believe that there is a Creator who made you and that He has a special plan for you. There’s nothing we’d like more than for you to visit, to hear the Word of God shared with boldness, to meet some of our family. We understand we’re not for everyone, but maybe—just maybe—we’re just right for you. Come on by, catch us online, shoot us a message. We’d love to get to know you.