Winner’s Minute Milestone

A Winner’s Minute Milestone: 700!

Every weekday since March 2015, sixty seconds of Bible-based principles for success has aired in thousands of homes around the Twin Cities and been available to countless others online. These Winner’s Minutes are one way Living Word has decided to reach those outside of the church with the winning message of God’s Word.

As of Monday, November 6, a total of 700 Winner’s Minutes have aired. What a milestone!
We’ve heard from many people about how much they appreciate the daily encouragement. Here are just a few:

Thank you so much. I share this every day. Glad it’s one minute for those who are working. I watch you on BVOVN and Billye Brim.—Karen

Always a good solid applicable word … fundamentals of the faith life…. the practical principles that seem insignificant at times often fortify and add depth that payout into supernatural victory…..—David

Recently, we also heard about a couple who attended Living Word because of the Winner’s Minute as well as a public school lunchroom where the Winner’s Minute could be seen.

All of this is possible through the support of people like you have sponsored these sixty seconds of truth. Thank you for helping us spread the Word of God in this unique way to those outside the four walls of the church!